Perry, NY
Year Completed
Village of Perry
MRB Group
Project Manager
Pat Hickey
Contract Value
The project consists of a comprehensive upgrade to the wastewater treatment facility including, but not limited to, the following: Demolition of the former influent building and existing anaerobic digesters, selective demolition of existing components of the influent building, primary settling tanks, trickling filter #1, trickling filter #2, existing secondary settling tanks, existing chlorine contact tank, existing pole barn structure, and various other selective demolition components. The construction of two new clarifiers, new aerobic digesters, new trickling filter #1 pump station, trickling filter #2 pump station, new chemical room, new belt press room. Installation of new secondary sludge pumps, belt press feed pumps, aeration grid and blowers, belt filter press, chemical feed and bulk storage tanks for phosphorus removal, trickling filter media, trickling filter distributor arms, trickling filter aluminum domes. The addition of various flow measurement and monitoring points for process control. Construction of an open channel Ultraviolet Disinfection system and pole barn. Miscellaneous process and site piping modifications. Miscellaneous improvements including fencing, drainage, and site grading. Work includes general site construction, concrete/masonry tankage and building construction, equipment installation and process piping, electrical construction, HVAC construction, Instrumentation and Controls.
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